Thursday, October 13, 2011


Well hello there fellow crocheters. Its October and it has been pretty lovely outside In Minnesota were I live, which is not the norm for us cause it turns pretty cold this time of year. Course with the norm, im ready to make soups, hot chocolate and all those yummy fall/winter treats and along with that urge, I always am making some type of winter related item to wear for someone I know.  So as I was on the internet browsing I started to see visions of mario again and mario items I think i like mario more then my son now...wait I dont think i know :-)

 As I was looking I came across that BEAUTIFUL Mario blanket that this lady had made for her son. Check it out HERE and I thought man I would like to do that...well of course I tried and lets just say I found it was to long a project for me, see i like to jump from thing to thing, so i started taking the blocks I had made and though wow these go good as a scarf and before I knew it I had three Mario scarfs starring me in the face. Course with all these boyish looking scarfs and I kept thinking a Princess scarf would be nice to too.

So how did I do it? Easy. I went on the internet and googled Super Mario cross stitch or super mario needle point and found lots of things that had already been graphed out. I made my own graph to the blooper and princess Rosaline. I used a stitch called the afgahn stitch, which is basically a cross between knitting and crocheting, the only thing is you need a size k hook or larger and a nice long one to keep all the stitches on. you also want to do lose stitches, the more patches I did the better my stitches got, I also learned never to carry primary color of the scarf across back, because it causes your scarf to become bunched, so what I did a lot is get out the colors I would be using for the scarf and the character on the patch I was doing and then I would unwind large amount of that yarn and snip the ends, that made it so I could not get my yarn tangled as much and so I didnt have to carry the blue yarn in this picture above back and forth over a character patch, instead I could have blue on each'll get it once you try it. I do have all the patches for the character I used and then some as I made lots that I never got to. I have considered taking pictures of all my graphs for your use, course I didnt want to go through the time of doing that if no one would be interesed, so if you are please comment, If I get enough feed back ill take pictures of each graph i made and post them for your use. When I finished my scarfs I tied off all the ends on the back snipped the yarn that was to long, pined fleece to the backs and sewed them up. They turned out nice, warm, fuzzy. I also took sequences and sewed them on to the princesses crowns and outfits and some for earrings. I used left over yarn and fleece and three cute buttons to make a headband/ear warmer etc.This princess scarf is for my 1 and only niece so far Ana. I hope she enjoys wearing it as much as I did making it. :-) Thanks for reading my blog.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hello kitty Mermaid~~~~~

Ok so yup the sad thing is I have no pattern for her or her blanky....which is basically the norm, im sorry guys im lazy lol I dont like to write patterns it really But she was pretty easy, the only prob I had makign her was the type of yarn I used, that white really fuzzy yarn you use for scarfs. Bad Idea but ohhh so soft and so pretty she is. She took me about 10-12 hours of work probably. if you have any question about how I did something I can try my best to explain. Please feel free to ask.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~~~MaKe WaY For HeR RoYal PrInCeSs pEaCh~~~ (Pattern)

Wow, this is so unbelievably awesome. I kind of gave up on my page here because I had thought I had no luck with google and other places that are suppose to send people to your blog...apparently I did. Thank you all for you comments.

I have decided to post what little I did write down of my peach pattern. I have not looked over it ro made another peach/daisy from this pattern although in the future probably Christmas I plan on making daisy, tales(sonic and the hedgehog) fire mario, a yoshi pattern, gumba, and the little yellow turtle guys....God help me Ill have to ask my son what there names are lol.

Anyway here is Peach's pattern, in the next couple of days I will have a pic of Fire Mario and how he turned out, A pic of sonic the hedge hog, and A picture of my Hello Kitty mermaid that I made for my neice on here so dont forget to follow so you can get the updates of when I post new things, plus you make me feel special that I have a stoker :-D jk lol Sorry about the pictures they are kind of blurry taken from my laptop. I anyone has questions email me. Ill be cheaking my blog now. Also once again this was my first time trying to keep tract of pattern really for myself later so i coudl go back and make princess Daisy and have something to work off of which I still plan on doing, im sure Ill have a better more revised pattern soon.

Princess Peach Crochet Doll
HEAD (using peach):
Rnd 1: 6 sc in Magic Ring (6)
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around (12)
Rnd 3: sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc around (18)
Rnd 4: sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (24)
Rnd 5: sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (30)
Rnd 6: sc in next 9 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (33)
Rnd 7-12: sc in each sc around (33)
Rnd 13: sc in next 9 sc, dec over next 2 sc around (30)
Rnd 14: sc in next 3 sc, dec over next 2 sc around (24)
Begin stuffing at this point if you haven't already. Stuff head firmly while shaping as you go along.
Rnd 15: sc in each sc around (24)
Rnd 16: sc in next 2 sc, dec over next 2 sc around (18)
Rnd 17: sc in each sc around (18)
Rnd 18: sc in next sc, dec over next 2 sc around (12)
F/O, leave a tail for closing. Add any bits of stuffing needed to finish shaping the head nicely. Weave tail through the final row and draw up tight to close. Secure and weave in ends.

NOSE (Using Peach):
Rnd 1: ch 4 (leave long beginning tail), sc in second chain from hook, to end of chain (3)
Rnd2 (do not join, do not ch 1)turn. sc in last sc you just did then sc to end of round  (3)
Rnd 2: (do not join, do not ch 1)turn. repeat rnd 2 (3)
F/O and leave long tail, use the tail and draw it through the top of the first set of chains you made to make kind of a triangular circle (it will be small) tie the tail and the beginning tail together. Leave tails to sow on to face for later.

Ears (Using peach make 2):Rnd 1: 3 sc in magic ring (do not join, do not ch 1) turn. (3)
Rnd 2: 3 sc in first sc, 2 sc in remaining 2 sc. Do not ch 1, turn (7)
Rnd 3: sl st in each sc across (7)
F/O and tie the 2 ends together creating a slight curve (ear shape)

Body/Dress (Using light pink):
Rnd 1: 8 sc in Magic Ring (8)
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around (16)
Rnd 3: sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc around (24)
Rnd 4: sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (32)
Rnd 5: sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (40)
Rnd 6: sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (48)
Rnd 7: sc in next 5 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (56)
Rnd 8: sc in next 6 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (64)
Rnd 9: sc in next 7 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (72)
Rnd 10-17: sc in each sc (72)
Rnd 18 sc in next 7 sc, dec over next 2 sc, repeat around (64,63)
Rnd 19: sc in next sc around (64)
Rnd 20: sc in next 6 sc, dec over next 2 sc, repeat around (55)
Rnd 21: sc in next sc around (55)
Rnd 22: sc in next 5 sc, dec over next 2 sc, repeat around (47)
Rnd 23-25: sc in next sc around (47)
Rnd 25: sc in next 4 sc, dec over next 2 sc, repeat around (39)
Rnd 26-27 sc in next sc around (39)
Rnd 28 sc in next 3 sc, dec over next 2 sc, repeat around (31)
Rnd 29-30 sc in next sc around (31)
Rnd 31-sc in next 2 sc, dec over next 2 sc, repeat around (23)
Rnd 32-33:  ( turn skirt inside out, Stuff full to give desired shape, stuffing to full will cause bottom of dress to pop so stuff just enough to let it lay flat. ) sc in next sc, dec over next 2 sc, repeat around ( 15) rnd 33 (7) Stuff with anymore stuffing and then close up rest of round with dec's, F/O. Leave long tail.

Top half of body (using light pink) all rounds are worked in a spiral.
Rnd 1:  ch 20, connect end of ch to first ch with sl st. (20)
Rnd 2-4: sc in each ch (20)
Rnd 5:  2 sc in first sc, sc in next 4 sc, repeat around (24)
Rnd 6: 2 sc in first sc of round,  sc in next 5 sc, repeat around (28)
Rnd 7-8: sc in each sc in round (28)
Rnd 9: 2 sc in first sc of round, sc in next 6 sc, repeat around (32)
Rnd 10 sc in next 7 sc, 2 sc in next sc, repeat round (36)
Rnd 11: sc in first 3 sc, dec over 2 sc, repeat round (29)
Rnd 12: repeat round 11 (23)
Rnd 13: sc in each sc around (23)
Rnd 14 2 sc in first sc, dec over 2 sc, repeat around (16)
Rnd 15 Repeat round 14 until you have closed the top of the chest up. F/O( Turn chest inside our and stuff with fluff, shape the way you want. Using the skirts long tail sew on the chest (top part of body) to the skirt, after you whiple stich the pieces together use the remainder of the yarn from the tail to weave around the waist, pull some what tight to get that nice thin looking waist.)

Neck (Using peach) If desired you can skip making this peice and just sew head to body.
Rnd 1: leaving long tail, ch 13 and join with sl st.
Rnd 2-3: sc in each ch around (13)
Whip stich long tail to the top of the chest (top body), then attach head to neck, this is a little tricky takes some manouvering. You will need to stick the neck almost inside the head leaving just a little showing.

Gloves/arms (Using white/peach later) make 2
Rnd 1: using magic ring sc 6 into ring.
Rnd 2: sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc (8)
Rnd 3:-4 sc in each sc around (8)
Rnd 5: sc in next 4 sc, ch 3, sc in 1 ch from hook and next sc, sc in next 4 sc (8)
Rnd 6: sc in each sc around (hold thumb down in the front of work and sc behind it) (8)
Rnd 7: sc in next 2 sc, dec over next 2, sc in next 2, dec over next 2 (6)
Rnd 8: (working in front loops only) sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc around  (10)
Rnd 9:  (working in front loops only) sc in first 4 sc, dec over 2 sc, sc in next 4 sc, dec over 2 (8)
Rnd 10-14 sc in each sc around (8)
Rnd 15-18: Change color to peach for rest of arm.

Puffy's for sleaves (Using Pink) make 2
Rnd 1: ch 8 (10) and sl st into first chain to for circle
Rnd 2: sc in each sc (10)
Rnd 3:  2 sc in each sc around (20)
Rnd 4-5 sc in each sc around  (20)
Rnd 6: dec over 2 sc repeating all the way around (10)
Rnd 7: sc in sc around (100)
F/O ( This too will take some messing with, you will have to pull one arm through and get it set right, make sure the hand is the way you want it cause once you sew it on you will have to remove it which is a  pain in the butt. once you get arm sewn on to the puff fill the puff with little fluff and then sew whole arm to top of body, making sure you are watching to keep both of them even, if your doll looks off, like maybe the way you choose for the frount looks like it should be the back of her, just play around with moving and shaping and it will work itself out.

Accents for skirt (Using dark pink) make 2
Rnd 1: ch 5    
Rnd 2: do not chain 1, trn and sc into each sc (4)
Rnd 3: turn, sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in last sc (5)
Rnd 4: 2 sc in first sc, sc in remaining 4 (6)
Rnd 5: sc in next 5 sc, 2 sc in last sc (7)
Rnd 6 :2 sc in first sc, sc in next 6 sc's (8)
Rnd 7: sc in next 7 sc, 2 sc in last sc (9)
Rnd 8: 2 sc in first sc, sc in next 8 sc (10)
Rnd 9: sc in next 9 sc, 2 sc in last sc (11)
Rnd 10 2 sc in first sc, sc in next 10 sc (12)
Rnd 11-17 sc in each sc, (12)
Rnd 18: 2 sc in first sc, sc in next 11 sc (13)
Rnd 19: sc in next 12 sc, 2 sc in lasat sc (14)
Skirt square accient (make 2)
Ok this is very annoying to me so the pattern you may have to do some counting of your own.
Here is what I believe I did though.
Rnd 1: ch 14
rnd 2-14 sc in each ch (14) do not chain extra just turn and sc in each sc.
Now when you are done with all 4 peices that make up the accient of the skirt you will want to use pins and place them on her to make them look good. I placed them and then I took the two rectengular matching ones and sewed them together and they sewed them onto her skirt in the right possition to make them match up with the triangular pieces. Sew only the tops to the waist of her and sides if you need to leave the bottom free to look better. after you have the 2 square pieces attached then attach the triangular ones make sure you match them up to how you want them. only sew the tops leave the bottoms and sides of the triangles free to give it a better look.
Embroidory on the bottom of skirt (using dark pink)
Rnd 1: for this you will want to choose a place in the skirt to set your stiches into. for me I choose row number 15 on the skirt to start as my embrodorie. I sl st dark pink onto her skirt and then sc all the way around in each sc that was already made in the light pink skirt. You will do this till you get to the end of the first sc you made. Then next you will ch 4, sc in 2nd sc from hook, repeat all the way to the end this pattern when you get to the end, you will grab princess peach turn her upside down and then ch 4 again but this time you will put your hook through what ever loop you can that is in between the two ch 4s you just did on the other row before. so basically it is like this the rest of the way, ch4, sc into middle of the 2 chain 4's from the last row, ch 4....etc. you will get it you can even play around with the patter if you want yourself and do what ever you feel like.

Hair (Yellow) here is were I really just gave up and did not keep tract of pattern at all its too annoying
you will want to judge the length on your own but what I did was sc strands that were long enough to pull through a whole in her head, make sure you tie both ends off and weave them back into the sc's you did to keep them from unraveling. For the top of peaches head after I got a zillion of these done..there was a lont of the plain single croched pieces, i made full pieces for her hair to give her that puffy look.

Again I hope this helps or gives you a idea of how I did her. Its very poorly put together sorry for that Ill have to keep tract of things better in the future.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The whole mario crochet Gang

So here they are finally finished except the star I have to do him again. But we have a nice variety of them. I was able to get patterns for most of them off of other web sites just by doing a simple search. Princess peach and bowser were made from my brain though. I did write down most of the pattern I used for Princess peach. I however got lazy toward the end of her. like her hair and gave up on the rest of the pattern, she was pretty complicated and annoying to do, but if anyone is intersted in the pattern just comment and I will post it.
Bowser I don't have one for though he was easier then peach just more time consuming thats all. These are gifts for my sons birthday in May which is 3 weeks away. I also did some extra crocheting of the smaller items for the guests gift bags.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crochet Bowser Origami!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!

So this was inspired by another blogger you can find the one doll that I went off at this site HERE. I sat for hours just admiring this Bowser and thinking "Gosh I wish I could do this." After searching for days on the Internet for a pattern to do a Bowser and having no luck i decided I was going to give it a whirl. So after 2 weeks of about 30-40 hours of work I finally finished him.

Hes big about 15 inches in height which works great cause bowser is suppose to be bigger then Mario and his team anyways right. 

 I know your probably wondering if I wrote the pattern down to make him. Well I started to at the beginning but then I just saw it was to much work. I had to take stitches out a lot and redo things to make sure I was getting the right shape or size for him...basically did what cute origami did on her site. Just made shapes and whip stitched them together to form the head,body, legs, arms, tail etc. So if you know how to make flat circles, tubes, rounded balls, cones...then you can prob do this too.  I used a hot glue gun and felt for all the detail. I didn't make the white outline on the turtle shell out of crochet though, I was well to lazy lol and really thought that was the only thing that I would probably not get right, So I went to Micheal's craft store and purchased a giant pipe cleaner in white so i can bend and shape it to the shape of his shell then I sewed it on by hand with white thread. it works perfectly and gives him a soft feel lol. It turned our really really good. And unlike the other Mario plushies I bought off eBay this one will stay durable longer and if it does have a boo boo well I made it, so I can easily fix it :-D.

This is a gift for my Son Jacobs 8th birthday, can you believe it he has almost all the other Mario related plushies and no Bowser..come on you have to have a Bowser.

I want to thank Cute Amigurumi for posting her work and inspiring me to do this cause with out that I would have not even known I had it in me..thanks Amigurumi. :-D you should check out her site if you haven't already she has lots of lovely crochet stuff on it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mario Hats!!!!

So I decided it would be so cool to have the kids running around in Mario hats. I bought felt from the store for about $4 a yard took me 2 and a half yards to make them and I have left overs too which I may use to make a shirt out of later in the year for a Mario custom. I also used white felt to cut circles out. I was online for hours looking for a pattern all of which I didn't find any and the one I did find turned out to small so I had to improvise and use my own pattern. I cant post  my pattern here on line cause I have no clue how but I can walk you through some details and explain a little of how I did it. If your crafty and  know basic sewing and have a sewing machine then you can do it!.

Mario Symbol: I used 1/4 measuring cup to trace and cut out the circles. Then I drew Mario letter M on each one and cut them out.

Mario hat: I used the top of a Tupperware bowl to trace a circle it was probably about 8 inches or so and then I used a plate for the adult hats , yes I made the people that are helping with the party all there own hats :-)  I then traced around the hat making a basic U shape to make the side, Then I sewed them together, Took a little practice on one to get it all right.

The bill" I traced half the circle I used for the top of the hat and mad it into a crescent make two of those. Then I sewed them up on the outside of the circle full. On the inside of the crescent I only sewed the middle of it leaving about a 2 inch space on both ends so I could turn the bill right side out and stuff it with stuffing, which gave it more of a Mario toon look. Next I  folded the ends of the bill in,then I turned the hat right side out and sewed the bill onto the front of it, you probably have to play with this part till you get it right.

Finally I sewed the Mario emblem on the front by going around the outside of the circle with red thread on the machine and tracing the "M" with red thread too. I had to sew it on cause glue doesn't work well on felt on felt, plus sewing it on is better. On thing  I think is OK to do I only tried it on my last hat cause I didn't think about it till then. It turned out just fine when I did it. I sewed the emblem on before I put the top of the hat and the side of the hat together So i was sewing on a flat piece not trying to struggle to get a fully made hat underneath the foot of the machine and under the needle and have to maneuver it too as I worked better and it matched up just fine just make sure you sew the emblem onto the middle of the side part of the cap.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bullet Bill Piniata

This was the beginning of our pinata. It was fairly easy to do but was time consuming that's why I am doing it three months before the party...well that's why I am doing everything months before..that and I have a Scooby Doo party to do for June as well. But first its Mario.

I used a balloon for the front of his head and then I took 2 12 packs of soda, the empty boxes and used the tail ends of them were you would tear the side open for easy access to your soda I cut that off all the way around, then I cut the boxes up the center on a seam so they would lie flat. I then took each box with quite a bit of maneuvering and taped them with clear boxing tape to the balloon creating for me Bills body. Then I taped up the back of him. After you get him altogether the back end of him will be a hexagon gap, you just tape over that real good like 3 layers. Then don't forget your paper clip, you take a paper clip and put it through the top of your Bullet Bill, this takes some strength but you can do :-D Then I used glue mache. I took 1 full cup of glue and 2/3 cup of water and mixed it, this took two times so you will need 2 bottles of Elmer's glue. Basically just did one layer of paper mache over him, let him dry by hanging him up then the next day I did another layer around him, let that dry then I did one more layer over the head were the balloon was to be sure it would not break easy. When he was done drying, the kids and I pained him black. I first on paper by looking at Bullet Bills on line drew the eyes which was pretty easy just use the top straight edge of your paper and cut a half moon out, then cut two of them and make it the right size for your pinata. Then for his hands I basically did the same thing fiddled on paper till I got it right then I cut out templates card stock paper, to trace around and when I traced onto the black painted Bill I did it with a pencil so it was easy to erase and not noticeable. then pained in with white paint and gray strip close to the end of him, I added detail to his hands to show them as hands better etc and there you go there is Bullet Bill pinata.